Photo Haiku 2

WHR August 2001



In 1999 Mitty (Mitsugu) Abe developed the first interactive website for photographers and haiku poets to do something new and collaborate with their arts: “Overcoming Time and Distance”. Along with others around the world, WHC members have enjoyed Mitty’s sites by writing haiku for a wide variety of photographs of nature, people and places. Recently Mitty created Beacons, a web site in which people submit photos and haiku about the seasons related to the places where they live. Already this site enjoys submissions from the U.S., Canada, UK, Japan and Italy.

Calla Lily Image
by Carol Raisfeld

don’t you hear
the music
of the trumpeteer?

peigi ann sway

how dark
the shade of sun in the light
of a calla lily

hortensia anderson

golden sword
in white linen shroud
calla lily

deborah russell

wrapped in white
your core of pollen
waits for the bees

carlos fleitas

carrier of light
calla lily in bloom
the whole day

marjorie buettner

early morning –
a calla lily
open for business

carol raisfeld

Ladder Image
by Max Verhart

my childhood dreams!
what a small place,
this tree house —

Michael McClintock

a widow’s thoughts
climbing up into
apple blossoms

Paul Conneally

forgotten ladder
the son hurries home
with the cat

Carmen Sterba

tall ladder
against taller tree
the climber daydreams

peigi ann sway

I will accept
its invitation
silver ladder

Linda Robeck

spring orchard —
blossoms are turning
into apples

Max Verhart

by Ena Linares

the faint shuffling
of sandalled feet

Sue Mill

at the end of
a monk’s silent walk:

Sheila Windsor

evening prayer
in a monastery
a chant echoes

Robert Leechford

hallowed eve
a silence broken
only by footsteps

Kathi Rudawsky

let’s step inside
this cool colonnade,
little sparrow

Michael McClintock

around the arches
of meditations


Morning Silhouette
by soji (Gary Barnes)

morning silhouette
a shadow becomes
the tree

Darrell Byrd

the first lark’s
hesitant notes

Sue Mill

releasing the tree
from its shadow
morning light

Linda Robeck

clouds part
for a moment in time
morning silhouette

Carol Raisfeld

dim morning
my every thought shadowed
by your absence


storm warning
a bruised sky
threatens revenge

soji (Gary Barnes)

Morning Dew
by Carol Raisfeld

first morning alone
even the roses

Jeanne Marie Booth

newspaper delivery
the dew on the roses

Carmen Sterba

in the dew drop
an unseen universe-
worlds collide

Sue Mill

her lips
sweet as the dew
on the morning rose

Darrell Byrd

summer rose –
the dew soaking
in coral pink

Robert Leechford

a dewy rose
this morning
the scent of summer

Carol Raisfeld

New Leaves
by Ray Rasmussen

giving away
the youngest of my daughters –
new spring leaves

Linda Robeck

leaves hold
small ballet shoes
dance yet to come

Carol Sircoulomb

spring leaves
the mellow tinkle
of windchimes

Sue Mill

sycamore seeds
my son slides down
the banister

Paul Conneally

winged seeds –
flight for

Rita Summers

spring leaves–
new growth covers
old burdens

Ray Rasmussen

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