Haiku Art 3

WHC March 2003

WHChaikumultimedia – Art & Photo Haiku

For this edition we asked Roderick Stewart, designer of Photohaiku Arts, to select from a set of submissions of art and photography illustrations of the haiku of the Masters done by members of the WHCmultimedia group. A selection of Roderick’s own work is featured in a special portfolio in this issue of WHR. In addition, multimedia editor Ray Rasmussen presents his choices of the best of the submissions not selected by Roderick Stewart.

Ray Rasmussen, Alberta, CA & Debi Bender, Florida, USA: Art Haiku

Comment by Roderick Stewart:  A lovely illustrative art-haiku. Unpretentious, simple, and nicely balanced. Sophisticated use of gradients. Two-colour scheme works well, as if the blue is the expression of the heron’s voice. The vertical positioning of text suits the tall, slender heron; the typeface is compatible with both the rounded heron and the strokes of dry grass.

Ray Rasmussen, Alberta, CA – Photo Haiku

Comment by Roderick Stewart: Excellent, clean photo with the moon’s reflection in the pond and a bonus of a treeline pointing to lily pads which, in turn, lead to the haiku. Nice detail in highlights and shadows (which become a black background for the haiku). The lily pads seem to rise from the surface of the image; they add an extension to the haiku, as if they are witnesses or participants, or as if they’re the moon’s footsteps promenading the pond. The typeface is clear, and goes well with the lily pads.

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