Sonnet Techniques

December 2004

WHCMARLENEMOUNTAIN : Editors Marlene Mountain and Paul Conneally

mountain sonnets 1 to 6 from ‘the jane connection’
based on a summary of techniques provided by Jane Reichhold from her book ‘Writing and Enjoying Haiku

1. The Technique of Comparison:‘something and something else are set down together in clearly stated images’ -composed 9/21-11/13/03, gg1&10 fp2 mm3 sa4 ns5 pc6 cs7 a8 gb9 mr11 ct12 rr13 jt14

1. The Technique of Comparison

dove on a wire watches parents walk their girl
intense concentration tricycle with training wheels
something about dubya’s speech something about the asters
yes becomes yes becomes yes
apple crumb cake with a view of autumn leaves on the patio
skateboarders wreaths of poppies around the town statue
jet lag my danish watch needs a new battery
the doubled headed falcon flying east i see a golden dome
home from the sun welcomed by a storm
setting bags down the long journey now all memories
five hours coast to coast two hour cab ride to downtown
expired parking meter no change to stay here
dust devil the diver does a triple flip
just beyond our laughter a view of the vine-covered canoe

2. The Technique of Contrast: ‘the excitement that opposites create’ – composed 9/12-10/26/03, rr1&7 jt2 sa3&8 gg4 a5 gb6 pc10 ns11 mr12 mm13 ct14

2. The Technique of Contrast

the long shadow cast by a pebble venus rising
moonless night tree frogs call out the stars
behind stage the model chewing gum
such a full career and what empty eyes
sorting for a yard sale i take back four things
his hand enclosed in mine we wait for the light to change
holding hands while the marsh wren settles in her nest
the freshmen arrive for orientation with their own baggage
quaker silence from a distance the voices of latecomers
a morning of hot porridge oats and snowflakes
dentist’s office sounds of classical drill and giggles
my hand asleep the speaker drones on
black snake on the front steps a bit of autumn warmth
off a big cattail a mid-sized plop in a little pond

3. The Technique of Association: ‘how different things relate or come together’ – composed 9/10-11/16/03, a1 rr2 pc3&6 jt4 gg5 mm7 sa6 gb9 ns10 ct11 cs12 fp13 mr14

3. The Technique of Association

autumn night i count raindrops instead of sheep
campfire sparks the swirl of stars on the windswept lake
mother’s new hairstyle a wall of poison ivy brought down by the gale
autumn storm a slew of squirrels and acorns in the yard
the turquoise bathtub washed by morning surf
shampoo conditioner and nit-comb the new school year
experimenter a name given me by ‘newbies’ & ‘traditionalists’
never learned to like coffee in the morning
clear and warm  a good day to stay inside
this autumn morning the same stiff bough pointing at the tumbled wood pile
let it fall let it fall even though the song says ‘let it snow’
braindead I revive myself with a no brainer
reading instructions for the new laptop with its screen blackened
a portrait of me as a child the same smile on my wrinkled face

4. The Technique of the Riddle ‘state the riddle in as puzzling terms as possible’ – composed 9/24-11/12/03, 1fp 2ns 3a 4rr 5pc 6jt 7fp 8gb 9cs 10mr 11gg 12mm 13sa 14ct

4. The Technique of the Riddle

crossing the bridge financial stream drying up
frog jumps in moving to a discount broker
out of money the monkey tips his hat and rattles his cup
dry stream bed a line of ants cross on a log
one duck three coins and a condom the town fountain
clipping coupons pain with a drop of blood
red-wine flowers grazing the ground the steady downpour
fall’s brown debris crowds out the coming spring
in this warming-up world spring comes after summer
reflections off wet leaves a thousand moons
5 billion years of life as we know it on earth a riddle
even out in the woods other-lined a mystery to me living every day
solar calculator in the dark most of the time

5. The Technique of Sense-switching
‘speak of the sensory aspect of a thing and then change to another sensory organ’ –
composed 9/27-11/20/03, 1jt 2mm 3rr 4a 5jt 6fp 7gb 8pc 9ns 10 sa 11 ct 12mm 13mr 14ct

5. The Technique of Sense-switching

darkening sky the flag snaps at a butterfly retracing its route
a true blue american in bed irises left to fall over
leaves float downward wherever I step, crackling sounds
a helium balloon rises above the bigtop the smell of elephants
autumn leaves a third morning frost and still mosquitoes whine
inside the house her dog and a fly lick her sleeping face
the scent of dead skunk on the cat  my eyes water
the colour of lilies in my nostrils
autumn canyon the barking coyote and his huge shadow’s duet
the aroma of a bad haiku
a migraine with the grit in my last sip of coffee
aahs for an indigo male song yet the female breast ignored
a fart flickers the light of the candle
herb garden she touches the dots on a braille marker

6. The Technique of Narrowing Focus
‘start wide, finish narrow’ – composed
9/22-11/21/03, 1mm 2gb 3jt 4rr 5gg 6mr 7pc 8ns 9sa 10cs 11a 12fp 13ct 14mm

 6. The Technique of Narrowing Focus

a haiku explained to a broad-minded & a narrowed-minded guy
from an empty sky summer showers and shade
carrot harvest a toad hurries away from a piece of its leg
milky way the bully kicks a grain of sand in my face
5 billion years all come down to this bird scrawck
star filled sky a grave with my last name
far out on the purple moor a single sheep
vast dome of stars yet only polaris dances in my cup of tea
you should have heard what he said to me
my airplane takes off for japan your face searches the sky
island visit volcano ashes fall to the ground
peanuts tossed high one bold pigeon on her finger
panoramic camera after the last click disposable
county flooding a little girl thrown from her car


the poets

mm marlene mountain       gb gary Blankenship

jt jenny townsend                 gg gary gach

mr mike rehling                    pc paul conneally

ns nancy smith                     sa stephen addiss

cs carmen sterba                  a an’ya fp francine pored

ct cindy tebo                         rr ray rasmussen


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