Senryu Selection

March 2003

WHC Senryu

Senryu Selections
Susumu Takiguchi, Editor

woman on a treadmill
running towards me
winter night

Michael Fessler
Kanagawa-ken, JP

for a moment
my aged mother smiles
from my mirror

Rosemary J. Gwaltney
Idaho, USA

after fifteen minutes
sleep creeps up my legs –
tea ceremony

Helen Ruggieri
New York, USA

frightened tears
from my new grandchild
I shave my beard

Allen McGill
San Miguel de Allende, MX

solar eclipse—
the cars in the valley
switch on their lights

Michael Meyerhofer
Iowa, USA

valentine’s day—
avoiding the stares
of flower vendors

Michael Meyerhofer
Iowa, USA

a fly zips by
hold that pose ~ says
the taichi master

gillena cox
Trinidad, VI

computer addict,
my husband talks all night
to the back of my head

D. W. Bender
Florida, USA

park bench
a beggar walks around
to try his new shoes

Rosa Clement
Amazonas, BR

so many sins
108 times the bell rings
so little time

Helen Ruggieri
New York, USA

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