Doggie haiku

November 2002

WHChaikuforum – Doggie Ku

Doggie Kukai

Hair of the Dog:  Mans’ best friend holds a special place in our writings and our lives. A thread of postings spontaneously started on WHChaikuforum from Ron’s haiku about the K-9 kind, which developed into an informal kukai; members were invited to submit their published and unpublished doggie-themed haiku. When it comes to our beloved doggies as a haiku theme, one cannot say “this is good” and “that is bad”. All of them are “bow-wows” and all of them are “wow-wows”, since such comparisons become irrelevant in matters of the heart. Faced with the overwhelming number of submissions, we selected only a few while deeply pondering — if the decision was put in Sparky’s paws — what would dog do? (after all, does dog have Buddha nature?)

So…here’s a spotty collection. . .”Picks of the litter?”. . .”Leaders of the pack?”. . . “Arf-arfs”?… GRRRRRRRReeaaat fun (Sit, Sparky! Sit!)


     old dog
asleep at my feet
I feel his warmth

ron moss
Tasmania, Australia

      fast asleep . . .
the old dog ends his new year
with flatulence

Oregon, USA
(2nd place WHC New Year’s Double Kukai)

      my watchdog —
trembling in fear
of approaching thunder

Susumu Takiguchi
Oxford, England

      doggie door
his quick escape –
after my cat

deborah russell
Baltimore, MD,  USA

      summer passion –
my first and second love,
the dog and you

Carol Raisfeld
Long Island, New York, USA

      old dog
winter grows warmer
at my feet

Debra Woolard Bender
Orlando, FL, USA
Manichi “Haiku in English” (Jan 5, 2001)

greets at the door
fast little circles

Carol Sircoulomb
Kansas, USA

my dog’s ears
finally stiffen

Rosa Clement
Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil

      a sammy…
inbred defects hurt his hips
in winter

Georgia, USA

      outside in the night
bandit winds rattle the gate –
a dog’s high-pitched bark

Karina Klesko
De Ridder, Louisiana (LA)- USA

      green shaded street
a dog barks

Fredericksburg, VA . USA

      between sobs
the shovels of dirt
cover my dog’s corpse

Ron Moss
Tasmania, AU

      old dogs
sleep in August heat
their last summer

Gary Blankenship
Washington, USA

      midnight ~
my puppy sleeps
on my pillow

Etsuko Yanagibori
Saitama-ken, JP

      dog’s got the door mat —
tussles, drags, fights it
through the autumn leaves

Richard Stevenson, Lethbridge, AB, Canada
(Published in 26)

      hotel room bed . . .
what to do with the space
for my dog

California, USA

      autumn evening
my basset hound takes me
for a walk in the park

Tukiko (Becky Bunsic)
Arizona, USA

      years later,
the collar and leash
still on the doorknob

Adelaide B. Shaw
Scarsdale, NY

      small town
an old dog stops traffic
both ways

DeVar Dahl
Magrath, Alberta, Canada

      snowy dawn –
the wolfdog’s breath
warms my neck

Prinville, Oregon, USA

      early morning–
the new dog takes the same route
the old dog taught her

Billie Wilson
Juneau, Alaska, USA
laJoie Journal (Winter 2001

      approaching the banger
my dog and I
give it a wide berth

Susumu Takiguchi
Oxford, England

      One cocky dog
leads a pack of cocky dogs
onto the highway

Debra Woolard Bender
Orlando, Florida, USA

      frozen ground
back home from the vet

Prinville, Oregon, USA

      evening silence
an empty doghouse
on the patio

Darrell Byrd
California, USA

      Christmas Eve-
the smallest pup
left unsold

Elbert Pruitt
Texas, USA

     pet store
the unsold pup
growls at its reflection

Hans Jongman
Ontario, Canada

      fading footsteps
knot in his throat
the dog howls

Theolyn Brock
Orlando, FL USA

~ Mu

Many thanks to Deborah Russell for collecting and compiling the onlist submissions.

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2 Responses to Doggie haiku

  1. Oh, wow. Dogs and haiku — two things I love. 🙂 This one made me tear up a bit: “between sobs / the shovels of dirt / cover my dog’s corpse.”

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