Senryu Selections

August 2005

Selected by Susumu Takiguchi, UK

(in no particular order)

your fourth phone call
canceling our get-together—
I got the message

Elizabeth Fanto, US

Jimu gayoi jitensha koide ase to kane

going to the gym
only to pedal a bicycle…for
sweat, and money

Hisanori Ohgane, JP

how bothersome:
bugs are singing about sex
while I make poems

DW Bender, US
A string around my finger
not to forget . . .

Zhanna P. Rader, US
north wind pushes
the old man down the road—
whirl of brittle leaves

Allen M. Terdiman, US
the retiree
still putting off household chores
till the weekend

Gary Gach, US
express check-out lane
the old lady slowly
counts from her coin purse

Elizabeth Fanto, US
his love poems—
same meaning,
different words

Marie Summers, US
Mother’s Day—
finally a full parking lot
at the nursing home

Carole MacRury, US

a monkey in the palm tree!
no…it’s just our neighbor

Willow Katsumi, US

Selected by Susumu Takiguchi, UK

grandpa baby sitting—
kids turn TV
to the X rated channel

Allen M. Terdiman, US

my psychiatrist friend
comes to call, and talks

Francine Porad, US

Heso dashi te raijin sasou onigokko

navels exposed,
yound girls tempting
the gods of thunder

Hisanori Ohgane, JP

new porn shop—
the locals pass by with
barely a glance

Allen McGill, MX

across the wet cement
a cry of anguish

Allen McGill, MX

shadow-box play;
how easy the shift
from dove to snake

DW Bender, US

he looks for the person
he wants to look like

John Tiong Chunghoo, MY

alas! oil greedy fools,
if all our rivers turned into oil
what will we drink ?

Narayanan Raghunathan, IN

morning walk
in search of haiku
they don’t grow on trees

Bill Kenny, US

early morning walk
her new husband shuffles
to fix coffee

Carmel Lively (Westerman), US

new houses
the view disappears
rooftop by rooftop

Carmel Lively (Westerman), US

botanical garden
our guide says the cycads
are from Jurassic Park

Bruce Ross, US

handicapped parking
he pretends to walk
with a limp

Victor P. Gendrano, US

Thinking again:
“Is he thinking what I think
he’s thinking?”

Zhanna P. Rader, US

after the harvest
the dusty harvester

Original in French:

Après la moisson
moissonneur-batteur tout gris

Élie Duvivier, BE

under the aspirin
pain waits
to show off

Helen Ruggieri, US

in my purse
like a coin in the Trevi—
100 yen piece

Helen Ruggieri, US

day after mother’s death—
in the mirror my face
suddenly older

Jasminka Nadaskic Diordievic, CS

too many bug bites…
my blood tastes
good like sushi!

Willow Katsumi, US

the master’s glance

Origa (Olga Hooper), US

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