Logo Design contest

Volume 4 – 2004


The departure of Debi Bender as the editor has inevitably affected not only on the editorial organization but also the look of World Haiku Review. Each of Debi’s issues was a treasure trove of her art works, and the inimitable warmth of her personal artistic style gave World Haiku Review its distinctive character as an online journal for haiku and related arts. Knowing that there was no choice but to redesign the magazine, the editorial staff set out with energy and enthusiasm discussing and considering the many possibilities that are now open in web publishing.

In the end, it was decided that sometimes the old ways are best and the new issue is not as different from Debi’s World Haiku Review as we might have envisioned at the beginning. Indeed, several pages in the present issue have been imported almost unchanged from previous issues. Structurally, the main changes have been a simplfication of the page links, notably on the contents page. The WHCppetry sections may now be found on a left side bar.

The main changes are, of course, cosmetic. Last fall, Carol Raisfeld and WHChaikumultimedia were asked to organize a design competition in order to produce new logos for both World Haiku Review and the World Haiku Club. This was a highly successful exercise, resulting a wonderful variety of new and colorful ideas. The judges chose several designs to be used on a rotating basis.

The implications of this decision, of course, are that the entire color scheme of the issue must be keyed to the palette of the logo and the colors will change from issue to issue or (what could be more appropriate for haiku?) from season to season.

 WHChaikumultimedia – Logo Design Contest

When WHChaikumultimedia forum was asked to create new logos for the redesigned WHC websites (World Haiku Club) and the new WHR (World Haiku Review), we knew immediately that this was a unique and challenging opportunity to test our creative mettle. We organized a design contest along the lines of the exercises that are one of our regular activities. As soon as it was announced, excitement on the list grew as members began to discuss brushes, paints, various creative tools, and how best to articulate a logo design for the club and the review.

Participants were encouraged to explore the myriad possibilities of multimedia. Logo submissions could be in any style of creative art form, including digital art, scanned original art work, integrated art forms, and animation. Aiming for the highest standards and quality for this challenge, we also encouraged participants to post designs and ideas for critique onlist before submitting.

As always, our Multimedia family encouraged and supported each other, meeting online all hours of the day and night. Bursting with creative ideas, brainstorming and cheerleading, we discussed the methods and magic of it all. Each day was a celebration and the logos came pouring in. Logomania was born!

It proved almost impossible to choose winners in the contest because there were so many wonderful and creative submissions. In the end, ten logos were selected for WHR and two logos for WHC. They will be used in each of the future issues of WHR. But as always seems to be the case at WHChmm, when we work together and help each other, a win for one is a win for all.

Carol Raisfeld
Director, WHChaikumultimedia

Linda Papanicolaou
Assistant Director

logomania haiku

cakes on display
with rich decoration
creative celebrations

Gary R. Ford

. . .

the bend of a line
accent unmistakable
nothing ever lost


. . .

recycle bin
the first attempts –
and the last


. . .

the men and women
dance in new clothes –
doors open


. . .

alphabet soup–
picking out
w h r


. . .

the arctic melts
in summer heat
Earth changes

Gary R. Ford

. . .

morning coffee–
the refrigerator covered
with logomania


. . .

their bottom lines


. . .

coming and going
logo leap-frog

Mary Angela

. . .

Yeah Gary!

he dives
into the logo pond
a splash!

Mary Angela

. . .

logos and letters
swirlin’ ’round and ’round
the midnight oil


Logos Design contest 2

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