Art Haiku

WHR March 2002

WHC Multimedia – Art Haiku

WHC Haiku Multimedia began with a “haiga gallery” on WHChaikuforum’s member files. When WHC expanded its mailing lists, WHCmultimedia was added for the development of haiku and the arts. Members sometimes collaborate together to create works of poetry and art and sometimes members illustrate the haiku of the masters.

A new feature has been added to WHChaikumultimedia. Now you can send many of the images as WHCe-Cards. When you view the full-sized images, many of the selections will have a clickable text by which you may send a haiku-greeting. Also, for categorised selections, see our WHCe-Cards page. Look in the archives for further e-Card selections in past issue columns of WHChaikumultmedia (see Contents page/left column).

Many of the selections may be sent as WHCe-Cards haiku greetings.

Clover by Gail Golo

Damselfly by Linda Roback

Snowdrop by Sheila Windsor

Moonglow by Soji

Shadows by Sue Mill

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