Tasting Vintage Haiku


Tasting Vintage Haiku

Gabriel Rosenstock

One of the major missions of The World Haiku Club is to “find” and help new talent realise him/herself to his/her full potential. Using a wine jargon, this could be called “En Primeur” in haiku. On the other hand, we also enjoy at WHC, fine wines, especially wines of good vintage and vineyard. Hence, this series, “Tasting Vintage Haiku”, where excellent vintage haiku from well-known vineyards may be sampled.

In this issue, we will taste a rare bottle of vintage Chateau Dublin haiku written by Gabriel Rosenstock (1949 – ). Mr. Rosenstock is one of the foremost poets in Ireland, in both English and Irish languages, known as a Poet, dramatist, translator, haikuist. Former chairman of Poetry Ireland/Éigse Éireann, he is the author and translator of over eighty books including his own, Cold Moon, erotic haiku; his selected poems (from the Irish), Portrait of the Artist as an Abominable Snowman, and the compilation, A Treasury of Irish Love. He has translated into Irish, two volumes of poems by the Chicano poet Franscio X. Alarcón; also the selected poems of  J. W Hackett, Seamus Heaney, Gunter Grass, Peter Huchel, Willem M. Roggeman, Georg Trakl, Georg Heym, Robert Bebek, and many others. World Haiku Review asked Gabriel to present several haiku poems written and chosen by himself from A Handful of Haiku:

Vintage Haiku by Gabriel Rosenstock

outside the Guggenheim
the shape
of real trees


lone dandelion stalk
all of its seeds blown away
……..unsure what it is


crows going home
caw! they rend the air! caw-caw!
exposing silence


sheep-droppings –
……. a baker’s dozen –
each one the same


foiche lá fearthainne
a glóirín
wasp on a wet day
her little voice


unexpected shower:
my ants
all in a stampede


knowing its name:
……. the lungwort
……. appearing in every cranny


a wasp between two minds –
……. to fly in?
……. soul of autumn


horns receding –
a snail
on the satellite dish


snag breac
d’ól lán a ghoib
dá íomhá féin
sipping beakfuls
of its own image

trying to compete
with graffiti –
lichen on a wall

bláthanna i vása –
siúlann cat
trí gharraí lom
flowers in a vase –
a cat prowls
the bare garden


waking in the heart of the night –
……. her only make-up
…………… the moon

in mid-air
a spider enjoying emptiness


sop ina ghob
dá nead
féasóga ar an éan!
a beakful of straw
for its nest –
the bird has whiskers!


a swan
in greyish mis

passing a laundrette –
……. this spinning world
…………….becoming still


flicking their tails
out of habit –
cows in the chill of autumn


cobwebs in his ears
this November morning –
bust of a composer


smólach ar an bhfaiche
thrush on the lawn


CBS News  –
a deceased actor utters something
and fades


alien eyes
saying something –
severed bodies of prawns


murky canal –
a waterhen pecking
at a condom


empty circus field  –
one lonesome
elephant turd


sunshower –
flowers, weeds, stones,
drenched in enlightenment


did her eyes watch
that little danse macabre?
……. decapitated hen


dockleaves touch her ankles
as she weeds –
robins watch and wait


slipping over morning fields  –
…………… sunrays
catching the hare’s urine


island post box
the empty thud
of a letter


Achill island
oyster catchers
gawping at tourists


evening sun
on the tips of  tall grass –
……..the dog drinks loudly


garden junk
with leaves


i ngloiní dú’ an daill
dul fé
na gréine
in the blind man’s glasses
the going down
of the sun



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